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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  March 24, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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returning to the bay area before the week is out. i'll have that for you a little built later. katie. >> lisa, thank you. investigators in quantico, virginia have identified the three marines who died thursday in a murder-suicide. the shooter and one of the victims is from the bay area. 25-year-old sergeant lopez of pacifica shot two co-workers before killing himself. in a statement his 81-year-old great grandfather the marines told us they were investigating more and that they would let us know. he wasn't the type to do stuff like that. we did contact lopez's family by phone in pacifica and they declined to offer any further comment. one of his victims is 19-year-old lance cpl. sarah of oakley. her family asked us not to use any pictures of her and we are honoring that request. sergeant lopez was a machine gunner and instructor at the marine base. on thursday night inside one of the barracks they say he gunned
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down two people from then shot himself. agents have not given a motive. stay with abc7 news for any developments in this story. >> we do have developing news right now. we just received word a soldier from hayward has died. 31-year-old sergeant first place james grissom died march 21st at a hospital in germany. he was wounded by small arms fire last monday in afghanistan. new this morning the chp is investigating a man's death on interstate 580 in oakland. he was hit by a car but it's not clear how he wound up in the lanes. investigators aren't sure if he tried to run across the freeway or if he may have fallen from the overpass. a special traffic alert was issued at 1:00 this morning. the white three lanes were shut down for the investigation. all lanes reopened just after two.
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the hunt for a san jose murder suspect is now state-wide. police are looking for 25-year-old juan ramirez, who is wanted in friday's fatal stabbing of his ex-girlfriend abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> reporter: they arrived with candles, classes and condolences. they are mourning the loss of their friend and family member, sandra gonzales. the young mother was stabbed to death a few feet from her home on north first street. now the manhunt is on for juan ramirez, the ex-boyfriend. he is 29 years old. >> the suspect and the victim had a dating relationship that ended about two years ago. apparently he's been trying to stalk our victim for the last couple of years, multiple encounters with the police, reporting this type of activity. >> they said she lived here with her ten-year-old son. she was outside a few feet away in the parking lot when ramirez stabbed her, stabbing her in the head and arms. >> held her head up, kept pressure on it and i said who did this? can you give me a name, any name? she couldn't really talk.
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>> ramirez ran away and police in the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the area. a door to door search led nowhere. during that time residents were told to stay in their homes. lowell was in his apartment for three hours. he knew her, but he didn't know about her ex-boyfriend. >> she was nice to people and for me, i had no trouble or didn't see anybody. >> police believe ramirez is driving this green pickup truck to mexico. detectives admit what happened yesterday is not only sad, but frustrating. >> she was doing all of the right things. she was contacting the police department, she was reporting these crimes, she was pulling out restraining orders trying to protect herself from this individual. it's very unfortunate that this happened. >> and this was san jose's tenth homicide of the year. in san jose, lisa amin guleziana, abc7 news. racing has resumed in marysville where two people were killed at the raceway last
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weekend. a 14-year-old boy was laid to rest in a private ceremony yesterday. a public memorial is planned for this afternoon. flags were flown at half staff. 68-year-old dale wonder gem of grass valley. both were killed when a car flew flew off the track in warmups. stands filled the stands last night in support of the victim and the sport. >> it's a real close family between all these racers. we love coming here and watching this and what happened last weekend is bad. but it's great everybody is here and they are still rating. >> last weekend's crash is still under investigation, but list say mechanical failure in the race car appears to be the likely cause. >> this morning a victim who was pulled unconscious from a house fire last night in san francisco is in the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the fire broke out in the diamond heights neighborhood shortly after 9 last night. a charred mattress was left in the street.
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flames were put out quickly and the fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire. >> for the second time this month santa clara county paid cash for weapons. a gun buy-back was held yesterday morning at an airport in san jose. people lined up early and turned in guns they no longer wanted and got cash. >> never use it. but i didn't want to take that chance getting angry and using it. so it's a good time to turn it in and make a profit. >> whereas last year we finally reached the level of twelve guns, this year we've now gone over 500 guns. just in this event alone. >> $100 was given for handguns and rifles. $200 for assault-type weapons. more than 1100 weapons were turned in at the buy back three weeks ago. also new this morning a san bruno community will unavailable a mural, memorializing the victims of the
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2010 san bruno gas explosion victims. it will be dedicated today. the wall at bethany presbyterian church shows healing from the pain from the gas line explosion that killed 8 people in the neighborhood. 38 homes were destroyed. volunteers and painters came together to add to an existing mural. it shows healing waters and a rainbow of hope. it take place right after this morning's palm service. >> pope francis has just finished giving his first palm sunday mass at the vatican. it was held in st. peter's square. thousands were people were there, waving olive branches. he kept his style, breaking away several times from the text of his homily. he encouraged people to be humble and young at heart. today is the start of holy week which leads up to easter sunday, the most born day on the christian calendar. the first pope was elected after pope benedict's resignation.
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>>. >> palm sunday marks the day christ returned to jerusalem before his crucifixion and crowds gathered there to greet him waving palm branches. faithful did so again today at the church where christians believe jesus was resurrected. it is 9:09 on this sunday morning. lots of stuff going on outdoors. of course, people are running in oakland. >> that's right. >> it's cool. it's all right for them. >> yeah, numbers are in the 40s right now, going for a high of 68 in oakland today. and deja vu as we look at the golden gate bridge. we have a few which is s of low clouds and that will keep our beaches cool. but bigger changes are on the way and we've got some rain in our seven-day forecast. we will have that next. >> all right, lisa. thank you. also next, lights out across the world. why things went gash on the golden gate bridge and other landmarks across the globe. and coney island reopens today
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the lights are back on across the bay this morning after they went out for an hour last night on purpose. it was part of a global effort to encourage people to think about conservation. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the details on the earth hour. >> 8:30 the towers of the golden gate bridge went dark, the art installation on the bay bridge went dark and san francisco city hall went dark. at least one person came to the civic center came to the area to see it. >> i was walking in the area and wanted to see it. it was kind of cool. >> it was all part of earth hour. >> it reminds us all of the issues of sustainability. >> because of programs like the city's recent ban on plastic shopping bags, efforts to promote solar energy and the city's comprehensive composting program, this year san francisco was named earth hour city capital for the u.s. i talked to earth hour ceo randy from singapore. >> management of a city would say save money by cut being the power you are using and make your city a better place to live in, which is pretty much what san francisco has done. >> and san francisco joined other cities around the world
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with lights out. at 8:30 local time in sidney, australia, they threw the switch on the harbor bridge. in tokyo, japan the tokyo tower went dark and the house of parliament in london went lights out. this is to encourage the public to do the same. >> we actually were hoping that people might think about earth hour, hour by hour every day. >> abc7 news. if you are planning on buying an ipad, you might want to make sure you are actually getting an ipad. several fake tablets have been sold to unsuspecting customers at legitimate stores. a massachusetts woman said the one she bought from a boston wal-mart was really a plastic cube that was shaped like an ipad. she did eventually get a refund. best buy has had similar incidents. the stores are not commenting, but the theory is scammers are stealing the ipads and replacing them with fakes.
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the slide at devil's slide officially opens. it's more than just a close of a highway 1 construction project. it marks the end of 74 years of crumbling cliff, highway closers that sometimes lasted for months. there will be celebrations in two places starting at is 11:00 tomorrow morning, half moon bay and the other side of the tunnel. but don't on driving through the tunnel after the evening commute. >> new york's coney island opened to forces first time since hurricane sandy hit. they will show us how it's been a wild time. >> the sounds of coney island, now the anthem of a comeback. >> ready to rock & roll.
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>> a triumphant return to the high-flying greatness that's brought visitors here for centuries. and a pile of heap left behind when hurricane sandy ripped through here last october. >> when you see it, that's just unbelievable. >> buried in sandoval and electrical systems of iconic rides were destroyed. >> we had the water up to here. the problem was it wasn't regular water, it was score rose i have. >> it was a storm story echoed along the jersey shore where rides were buried between six feet of water, the board walks ripped to pieces. yet from atlantic city back up to coney island, these legendary beach side amusement parks are beating the odds, reopening for the season on schedule today. >> i think the message is that we are resilient. we are resilient new yorkers and sandy isn't going to keep us down. >> it took almost five months of
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hard work and millions of dollars. but soon the wooden planks of the famous cyclone were there and the smell of nathan's famous hot dogs will fill the air. signs of the start of summer on coney island, but a celebration of so much more. >> so we are saying, new york made it through sandy, now let's have a good time. back to normal, please. >> what would a celebration on coney island be without a hot dog eating contest. today there is a qualifying match for the big contest on july 4th. abc news, on coney island. >> now i'm hungry. that doesn't sound half bad. she's bundled up on the east coast this morning. >> no, we are warming up. temperatures right around 50 right now in san francisco. but it was cold by the delta earlier. live doppler 7hd this morning, very quiet. this will be changing, though. we are talking about increasing clouds and eventually a few drops of rain, leading to perhaps a significant form system.
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unfortunately that's by the end of the week. it's spring break for some, easter for others by the weekend, and that's when things could get interesting. but we are looking at warming temperatures. it was down into the mid-30s, close to freezing by the delta earlier. look at the low cloudiness that has appeared from mt. tam. and it is pretty low. anywhere from 500 to 6000 feet. numbers are mild. 45 in santa rosa with 51 fairfield. big time warming since your mid-30s this morning. 51 in los gatos, with 52 along the east bay. here's a look how blue the sky is in san francisco. so that's why we are at a mild 50 degrees with already things getting underway, shaping up to be a nice afternoon. 50 at the san carlos airport with upper 40s in san jose. half moon bay has warmed up significantly, as well. still with some visibility issues there. 43 in santa cruz. so enjoy today. we've had sort of deja vu over and over with the sunny skies,
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the mild temperatures. but we are looking at changes coming our way. in fact, the changes come as soon as later on today when the sea breeze kicks up. that will bring more in the way of stratus. right now you can see three mile visibility at half moon bay. everyone else doing just fine. you may have noticed how cool it was this morning in parts of the bay. 24 hours ago we were warmer than we are right now. we are experiencing that cooling from half moon bay, the airport down through mountain view and the livermore valley a little cooler this morning. the setup, we still have that ridge and that's pumping that warmer air over the bay. see the jet stream. but this is beginning to change. we have a system out to the west that will be knocking into this ridge and another system dropping down from the north. that allows for the changes to take shape early in the week. today a few passing high clouds, a nice afternoon and then we will get that sea breeze and the cloudier skies and the cooler conditions for the first couple days of the work week. so that begins with tomorrow with mr. clouds. it will thin out in the
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afternoon. but by tuesday still clouds and you will notice a few areas of green on the screen. so maybe a few scattered light showers into your wednesday. this is all very, very weak. it's the system that we are looking at towards the end of the work week that could promise maybe a half-inch of rain? we will have to wait and see. upper 60s today should do it around san jose. very similar to yesterday. still cool at our coast. but not bad. upper 50s to around 60 half moon bay, 62 in san francisco with numbers warming right around 670 degrees in napa today. also some lower 70 in antioch and livermore. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. still kind of nice tomorrow in our inland east bay, even with a few more clouds around. it's really tuesday and wednesday we could see sprinkles, light rain with numbers in the 60s. the on shore flow transporting the cooler air. then by friday and saturday, this is a cut off low. so those are no toreious for having a mind of their own. that's why it's kind of iffy but
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it looks like it could happen at this point anyway. another great resource to get weather is at abc7 news or live doppler 7hd or on twitter and that will bring you the latest weather conditions rain or shine. there you get video forecasts, spare the air alerts, power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. you know, not everybody wants rain on the weekend, especially easter, but -- >> long-term. we have to think long-term. >> right. >> thanks, lisa. coming up next, a mystery on the bay area coastline. why more and moral faint seal pups are needing treatment at
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these are the utterances the lucky one makes. the cacophony of burps, coughs, and screeches. they are the sounds of progress with elephant seals this time of year. >> my perspective is this is an animal that would have perished but for our helping us out. good darwin coined the terminal selection, this would be the variation of give natural selection a chance. >> it's not a case of natural selection at all, it's a matter of humans interfering with the natural process for these animals. >> either way it's pupping season.
9:23 am
nineteen elephant seals are here already, more on the way in distress from as far away as southern california. >> this morning alone we picked up six animals. >> barbara coordinates the process based on some of the comments they have received from would-be rescuers. >> we had one with one in a shopping bag. >> he's big digs his own grave! >> we've had that one, too. >> mom left them a while. she nurses them for 28 days on the beach and then she takes off. it's called a hard wean and the babies have to figure out what to do from there. >> which leads to a process called fish school. in this case sheri is teaching an elephant seal to chase and then eat herring. >> the animal needs to know fish is what he is interested in. right now they don't understand that. >> but it does know when sheri finishes with him.
9:24 am
she's an emergency room nurse in real life for humans. sheri is a patient woman until she hears a bated question. >> what do you say to the herring sympathizers. >> we want 20,000 pounds, please. >> if you do see one of these animals on the beach, don't go up and pet them. they are only cute until they bite you. call the marine mammal center. they have 200 volunteers that are ready to come out and assess the situation. from fort baker in marin county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> next, the supreme court is just days away from taking up the debate over proposition 8. we will tell you when the supreme court justices are expected to make a ruling on california's ban on same-sex marriages. >> plus, caught red-handed. a crew of takingers is being booked into county jail this morning after san francisco police found them defacing this sonoma property. i'm live in san francisco. i'll tell you what police found
9:25 am
in these people's backpacks that
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour off with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> for most of you it's a nice, sunny start but here's a view from mount cam where there's
9:28 am
some coastal stratus. temperatures on the cool side at our beaches. that really has remained unchanged for the past several days and weeks. but for the rest of us around the afternoon today, featuring mostly sunny conditions. a few high clouds will visit us but once again temperatures in the 60s and 70s today. but that sea breeze will quick up later on this afternoon and that sets the stage for some changes to come as soon as tomorrow. we will have a lock at that and a look at some rain headed our way coming up a bit later. katie. >> all right, lisa. thank you. and happening now in san francisco, a suspected graffiti crew is being booked into county jail after the group was caught in the act spray painting a garage in soma. kira klapper is live with a look at the damage. kira. >> katie, neighbors and business owners here tell me they are so frustrated with the amount of graffiti going up in their neighborhood, really defacing all of their private property. take a look at this behind me. it was a big arrest, too, for
9:29 am
san francisco police. eleven people. the people were in the process of tagging this garage you are looking at here in soma as they were caught. they were just finished drawing the outline of their mural had neighbors called police. we have a video about 3:15 this morning when police arrested ten adults and one juvenile. they had backpacks with, get this, 52 kansas of spray paint inside. people were surprised to find that amount of spray paint. police tell me this so-called crew had stickers with their monikers on them. that's how they are able to sort of sign their graffiti. in total there were ten males, one female. san francisco police ltd. juan daniels tells me some have prior offenses for graffiti. >> the juvenile was cited out to their parents. the ten adults will be booked in the county jail and they will have arraignment probably this tuesday or wednesday and from
9:30 am
there the judge will study their sentence, their bail or probation. >> the taggers will be charged with felony vandalism and felony conspiracy. as you heard, they will be arraigned in a few days, tuesday or wednesday this week. i just heard neighbors talking to a business owner on the corner. they were thanking the neighbor for calling police. people here are really frustrated with this. just about six months ago san francisco police also arrested another crew, four different people who were known to tag this area. they are glad to try to clean up this community as much as they can. reporting live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> kira, thank you. lots of road closers and parking restrictions this morning for the 4th annual oakland running festival. the race started at 7:30 this morning. that's the full marathon. you are looking at the course here for the 26.2 miles. that race starts at snow park. so do the others. the race -- the marathon should be finishing in the next 30
9:31 am
minutes or so. ,, that depends on how fast you go. there's also a half-marathon, a 5k, a kids run. some of the closers in the area last until 1:00 this afternoon. be aware of that. for more information check out our website and click on "see it on tv." to help you navigate around the new traffic tee tour you might encounter, download the waze app. >> there's a fifth town hall fighting yesterday on telegraph avenue. city leaders listened to people's concerns and posted those of their own. the police chief said it's a massive effort to partner with the people of oakland in the by of public safety. >> reaching out to the community and having them be a part of our community, being part of a police department so we can let people know what's going on and
9:32 am
how they, the community, can help take ownership of some of the problems that are taking place in oakland. >> the final meeting in the series is scheduled for april 27th. >> on tuesday the highest court in the land takes up the battle over proposition 8. that's the state's voter-approved ban of same-sex marriage. the fight heads to the u.s. supreme court. abc news reporter carolyn tyler has the details. >> it's been an incredible experience and it's turned out to be a historic one. >> chris perry and sandy are one of the two couples behind the lawsuit challenging proposition 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage. since the measure's passage in 2008, polls show public sentiment has dramatically shifted. >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> even president obama supports marriage for the nation's gays and lesbians and his administration has filed a brief an their behalf with the supreme court. >> if we are successful and we
9:33 am
prevail and no lower court rulings are reversed and proposition 8 goes away. that will be our goal. we will have reached our objective. it will also send a message to the rest of the country. >> but it will not change the minds of critics like bill may, who campaigned on behalf of prop 8. >> it's not about same-sex marriage, it's about the question of whether marriage should be redefined to eliminate the only institution that has kids with moms and dads. >> we aren't trying to redefine marriage, we are trying to have access to marriage. that's what it is about. equal access to an institution that clearly the american society holds dear. >> the berkeley couple, parents of four sons, say they feel a sense of honor and responsibility for their role in this historic case. it's unclear if the justices will rule narrowly just on california or make a 50-state decision. both sides are optimistic. >> we are very confident that the court will uphold the will
9:34 am
of the voters to define marriage between a man and a to woman. >> the justices are expected to rule by the end of june. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> tear lin tyler is traveling to washington, d.c. she will be sitting in court when the supreme court considers prop 8 in the defense of marriage act. her reports will be here on abc7. >> this morning on cnn's state of the union, california attorney general calilla harris and prop 8 attorney will discuss those shifting polls of the american people. they show the majority of americans now support same-sex marriage compared to 2008 when people opposed it. >> the polls that the ones that happen on election day. when we talk about proposition
9:35 am
8, we are talking about californians going to the vote twice. we don't need the supreme court to impose their judicial solution. >> what we are arguing and i think most people believe and i think the majority of americans believe it, the majority of californians believe particular the majority of catholics in this country believe it, is that same-sex couple should be afforded equal status under the law. >> both agree the debate over same-sex marriage is likely to continue just of no matter what the high court decides, just as it has on the issue of abortion. . new this morning. symphony will drop their fight with management today and pick up their instruments to perform a on certificate. the musicians want more money and have been negotiating a new contract for eight months now. this afternoon at 2:00 they will perform for kids at the
9:36 am
san francisco's davies symphony hall. the musicians decided to do so because of their work as mentors. theplex moratorium has always been hands on, but now they are taking it a step further. >> all we do is touch our hands together and it makes a musical note. >> next, an exclusive inside look at how they are tinkering with the whole exploratorium experience. and taking a live look outside at 9:38 this morning. this is the view from damage cam. there are some low clouds at the coast this morning, but it's going to be a nice day. enjoy it while you can. things will change later. lisa argen is up soon with your
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9:39 am
>> san francisco's brand new exploratorium opens april 17th. abc7 is the exploratorium's official tv partner. that means we get exclusive access to the historic science museum. this morning abc news anchor dan ashley shows us a behind-the-scenes look at how the exploratorium is taking hands-on to a whole new realm.
9:40 am
>> this is the tinkering studio." it's a concept they tried out last year with a cozy make-it-yourself space where people reconnect with how things work. no right or wrong, just tools, supplies and imagination. it was a huge hit. >> you learn and think differently when you are conducting things. >> karen wilkinson is director of the tinkering studio. karen and her staff are very busy alexei semenov bling a wild collection of interesting gadgets to get your creative juices flowing. this table is full of parts that you would find inside things. >> inside of toys, inside of school alarms. this one is the doorbell from my house, my old house. >> tinkerer ryan jenkins showed me some of the crazy contraptions that will be on display for inspiration. >> this is a scribbling machine which is something we make with kids. basessicly a motor, a battery and little piece of glue. when you turn it on it vibrates
9:41 am
around and these markers draw a pattern on a piece of paper. >> the centerpiece of the new gallery is a giant clock still not quite finished. it's covered with tiny tinkerers, and it's work away to get visitors into the mood. and if you need more motivation, check out this elect trified bench that uses a tiny computer and a body to make music. >> show me how it works. >> we will put our hands on the arm rests and all we do is touch our hands together and it makes a musical note. that note is because electricity is flowing through our bodies right now. >> our hands are actually completing the electrical circuit. >> less touching is a lower note. more touching makes it higher. >> the idea is to get people to experiment. >> where people can give each other high-fives or even kiss and make the connection. >> we are not going to -- >> no, we don't have to do that on tv. >> okay. but we are holding hands. >> yes. that's fine.
9:42 am
>> i love that. abc7 news, the official tv partner of the exploratorium and we are really excited about the opening at the new location on the embarcadero. that's april 17th. mark your calendar. over the next few weeks we will be bringing you exclusive access and the first look at the new exploratorium right here on abc7 news. it's so neat to see the behind-the-scenes stuff and makes what you get to go see so much more special. >> very exciting and an exciting day today because we have not only beautiful weather in store but the temperatures, despite the cloudiness at the coast, warmer than yesterday. opens ly south of san francisco. we will look at not only the warm temperatures today, but changes we need and hopefully they will fit into your last week of march. we will talk about it next. >> you better hope so, lisa. it's on you. also ahead, the cal bears try to advance to the sweet 16 for the first time in, get this, 16 years. what they settled against
9:43 am
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9:45 am
>> welcome back. lisa argen has some more good news for us, at least in the short term? >> right, right, to start the week. today the warmest and sunniest today although tomorrow it will be nice, too although that's when the changes begin. we be floor -- are look at live doppler hd. it's been quiet but that will
9:46 am
change. breeze picks up first and then the clouds, an opportunity of rain and several of them in the week ahead. we will be looking at perhaps the end of the work week the wettest. but we will have to wait and see with that. here's a look at the coastal clouds from mt. tam. they have been with us throughout the morning hours, reducing visibility. despite that the numbers have been warming around the bay, 51 in fairfield where you are mostly sunny. 52 hayward, 45 santa rosa. we are down into the 30s in some of the sports of the north and east bay. it was chilly and also chilly he coast of the right now in los gatos, 51 degrees, plenty of sunshine in fran and those clouds will clear so we will be looking at more sunshine from santa cruz where we should see the low 70s today. 43 now. 49 half moon bay and san jose with 50 in san carlos and san francisco with 48 in oakland where the marathon is still taking place. over in the east bay coastal cleanup going on and the marathon with temperatures climbing through the 60s throughout the afternoon.
9:47 am
so plenty of sunshine. a few high clouds and with a few opportunities of rain, the best chance comes, looks like friday into saturday. maybe even easter sunday looking wet. so the clouds allowing for a little bit of reduced visibility from half moon bay. elsewhere looking pretty good. and did you notice the chilly conditions this morning? yeah, we were much cooler. three to four degrees cooler in some spots around the bay. flirting with freezing in some spots. right now it's pretty nice out there and here's why. high pressure with the ridge overhead, nudging closer to the eastern pacific and that's allowing for the mild day today. but there's a system to the west of us and that is going to knock into the ridge, weaken it. it's going to slide to the east and with the sea breeze kicking up, a few high clouds, we will be cooler tomorrow, as much as three to four degrees cooler and then eventually another system heading in from the north. allowing for maybe a few sprinkles by tuesday night into wednesday. it will take you through the
9:48 am
early part of the work week and starting out with the low clouds, the stratus tomorrow. then it thins out, partly cloudy skies. tuesday more low clouds and some higher clouds with a little bit of precip maybe dropping around the bay, but overall it looks like these systems will pretty much miss us. 72 in morgan hill today. san mateo, san francisco once again low 60s. here are the 70s from napa, santa rosa, 67 in san leandro, hayward 66. low 70s in our inland east bay. so a little cooling tomorrow. partly cloudy, chance of showers into tuesday. wednesday look at the highs coming down and then by the end of the week it looks like rain. we are hoping this holds together. if it does, it could be the most significant rain we've seen in a while. >> that's good. it's all good news because we need it. >> yeah. >> in sports this afternoon, the
9:49 am
top-seed stanford women bring march madness to maples pavilion when the cardinals host 16 seed tulsa in the ncaa tournament. it off at 2:20. last night the cal men tried to move on to the sweet 16 in the men's bracket, but they had to beat syracuse. mike shumann has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. we tip off with the men's ncaa tournament. cal facing syracuse where the bears are trying to advance to the sweet 16 for the first time in 16 years, but turnovers and a cold shooting night ended that dream. jim boeheim and mike montgomery, two of the best in the business. cj led the orange with 18 points. drains the corner three. cal leading scorer had an offer night. hits the deep three. 3 of 9 from the field for 8 points. 32-22 syracuse at the half. second half michael carter williams with the lay-up. orange up 10. cal tries to cut into the lead. great bucket by justin. he had just five points. cal now down 7. but syracuse ices it. nice passing finish. he had 11, eliminated from the tournament and syracuse advances to the sweet 16 with a six point victory.
9:50 am
>> the top rank and top-seed in the west, gonzaga, gets bounced by wichita state. carle hall, two-handed jam. the three-pointer his and jake white punches it in. state led by 5 at the break. and shocker a season-high 14 threes. fred van fleet ices it with this one. the upset of top-seed gonzaga, 76-70, your winner. and the cal bears going to their second straight ncaa tournament. brittney hits the three at the buzzer it end the first half. a career high 13 rebounds. cal up 7. the 19 points, easy jumper. cal up 61-48. four of cal's starters reached double digits. jennifer brandon, she had is 117, 12 boards. cal crushes the bulldogs, 90-76. them face south florida in round 2. warriors hosting the wizards in game that should be anything but a w, but it was costly.
9:51 am
steph curry goes down with a bum right ankle. warriors back home after a three game road trip. big night for klay thompson. he put up 18. a great lay-in here. but an even bigger night from steph curry. 20 points in the first half. huge 3. puts the warriors up 18 at the half. then the third quarter, curry long pass to andrew bogus. the alley oop. bogus had 10. in the fourth check this out. curry rolls his right ankle. doesn't look good. he would leave the game and not return. warriors win. 101-92. all eyes once again on steph curry's ankle. he said it was fine after the game as they leave the lakers on monday. that's the way the ball bounces. we will be back at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> the san francisco child support center is extending the children's advocacy center for abused children. coming up after this newscast you will see why more funding is needed for classes like that to teach children how to protect themselves from sexual abuse. >> no one touches your body
9:52 am
parts it unless it is to keep you clean or healthy. >> join abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings for beyond the headlines at 10:00 a.m. here on abc7. well, it's the 6th largest power ball jackpot ever and someone won it. coming up next, where is the big winner
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> this morning there is one very lucky person in new jersey. he or she has won more than
9:55 am
$338 million. that was the amount of the power ball jackpot. the sixth largest ever. the drawing was held last night with the odds of winning at 175 million to 1. players in 32 states, washington d.c. and the virgin islands drive it up. californians will soon be able to join in the fun as tickets go on sale here in the golden state on april 8th. mark your calendar if you are into it. meanwhile enjoy a nice day today in the bay area >> we won the jackpot with the weather today. temperatures once again 60s and 70s. plenty of sunshine. we have the coastal fog but that will clear. today the warmest day of the upcoming work week. tomorrow breezy at the coast, slightly cooler. increasing clouds tuesday and wednesday. the chance of rain comes toward the end of the week and that brings us into the holiday weekend. but it's spring break this week for many and it's going to be beautiful. >> thanks, lisa. thank you, everyone, for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning
9:56 am
news. a about rc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great day!
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9:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> cheryl: welcome to "beyond the headlines," i'm cheryl jennings. child abuse is a heartbreaking subject that touches nearly every community across the united states. it occurs in all communities across all social yeo economic levels within all religions and every level of education. according to the government. the united states has the worst record in industrialized nation losing five children every day to abuse death.
9:59 am
joining me in the studio from the san francisco child abuse prevention center is katie allbright. >> thank you so much for having me around for shining the spotlight on this important issue. >>er love what the prevention does. you are celebrating an anniversary today? >> yes, we have been working in san francisco for 40 years preventing child abuse. we are very excited about our future and vision. we're here to stay and looking forward to the next 40 years. >> cheryl: this was started by a man with immense compassion for the issue? >> he was a pediatrician at general hospital and saw incidents of violence in the hospital, how in the community can come together to protect children. that inspired a man and we were able to do it for 40 years here in san francisco. >> cheryl: you have a number of
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